AI-assisted dental treatment

Dmitry Spodarets
Dmitry Spodarets

Overjet software, created by MIT graduates, helps dentists identify and treat dental disease, and shows patients their problems and explains treatment recommendations.

When an X-ray is imported into a computer, Overjet's software automatically provides an analysis and annotation of the image. In fact, by the time the image appears on the computer screen, it contains information about the type of X-ray taken, how the tooth may be affected, the exact level of bone loss with color overlays, the location and severity of the decay, and more.

Overjet can also help dental clinics understand clinical indicators and improve performance. "We can look at every patient in every clinic and determine how clinics can use the software to improve care," says the creator of the system.

In the future, Overjet will play an integral role in virtually every aspect of dental practice.