About Us

Data Phoenix is your ultimate resource for learning and growing in the data world! We publish our weekly digest, organize multiple tech events, and help expand the frontiers of your knowledge in ML, CV, NLP, and other aspects of AI.

The project was founded in June 2021 as a continuation of DataScience Digest by Dmitry Spodarets. Digest had been in and out since May 2015. The first issue of the "upgraded" digest was released on July 1, 2021.

We don't want to stand still and aspire for more — to share the very best with the community. For that purpose, we've created various resources, to make it easier for you to navigate the worlds of AI and data. Let's have a closer look!

Data Phoenix Digest is a newsletter for everyone who is interested in the tech industry. We want to make your life easier; all you need to do is subscribe! Every week we collect and curate content about Data Science, Artificial intelligence, and Machine Learning. In the newsletter, you will get the whole package of news, papers, books, educational materials, free vacancies, etc. Our goal is to become your best friend to share your career challenges. Don’t know how to start or can’t find a new job? Don’t worry, we got you!

Data Phoenix is going offline too! We'd like to meet our subscribers in the real world by hosting conferences and meetups. If you are not around (or can't make it), no worries — we've thought it through and launch different kinds of webinars as well. We will keep you posted.

Data Phoenix Events is our second touchpoint with you. We listen carefully to the suggestions and tips of our readers to make sure we cover every topic of interest.

At the base of Data Phoenix Events is the on-hold project of Dmitry — GeeksLab. The project was in the active phase from 2013 to 2017. During that time, Dmitry and his team hosted a bunch of events, tech conferences, and meetups in Odessa. Currently, Data Phoenix Events plans to nurture a strong and active Data&AI community through a series of webinars and conferences. The first webinar (The A-Z of Data series) was run on August 17, 2021.

We have no doubt that these two resources will serve as a perfect kick-off for the future. We can’t wait creating more collaborations, activities, and projects with and for you. We're open to any cooperation offers; so, if you have any ideas about how we can work together, kindly reach out to us at [email protected]