Support Ukraine

At DataPhoenix, we stand in solidarity with Ukraine. For this reason, we are organizing some of our events with a focus on raising money to support Ukraine. We compiled a list of local and global organizations we work with and kindly encourage you to contribute in any way you can.

Angry Corgi - Tablets for Ukraine's Air Defense mobile squads

Angry Corgi is a volunteer group, which focuses on supplying Air Defense units with computer and network equipment, which helps to increase the speed and quality of decision-making. This month one of their major goals is to deliver 200 tablets to more than 20 Air Defense units. They should help Ukraine's Air Defense to cope with drones, which may actively try to attack our energy & civillian infrasture this autumn again. The group got the official requests for the tablets from the tech leadership of the units, and will be passing them officially to the units. Photo-reports will be published in their social pages and official website.

Also, they're permanently looking for laptops and other computer equipment. Folks will prepare them for military use, and officially pass them to the units.


We are Ukrainian IT experts fighting on the technological front. We are just like many other people in IT. We like to solve complex problems and improve life with the help of innovations. We also love our country, which has given the world many great IT products. And our hearts are breaking because they are destroying our homes. We want to stop atrocities, so we're helping the military gain a high-tech edge.

100% of the collected funds go to help the Armed Forces. We at KOLO focus on three areas: optics, air, and communication. We direct all the money we receive to purchase technological devices in this direction. Targeted collections (campaigns) are no exception.

Nova Ukraine

Nova Ukraine is a 501(c)(3) that raises awareness about Ukraine in the U.S. and all over the world. The nonprofit organizes fundraisers and Ukrainian cultural events, as well as provides humanitarian aid to vulnerable groups and individuals in Ukraine.