Announcement of Jurassic-2 and Task-Specific APIs

AI21 Studio has announced the launch of the latest generation of base models that have changed the artificial intelligence landscape, providing the highest quality and new capabilities.

Maryna Marchuk
Maryna Marchuk

AI21 Studio says it has a goal to help developers and companies use AI to read and write to create real products with tangible value. So by releasing Jurassic-2 and Task-Specific APIs, they hope to bring generative AI into production.

Jurassic-2 and APIs are an entirely new family of modern big language models. J2 not only improves on Jurassic-1 (the previous generation model), but also offers new features and capabilities that put it on par with the others. Compared to Jurassic-1, it has improved quality, multilingual support, and instructional capabilities. It also includes basic language models in three different sizes: Large, Grande, and Jumbo, as well as language models Jumbo and Grande customized for learning.

The task-oriented APIs, in turn, provide developers with industry-leading APIs that perform specialized read and write tasks out-of-the-box. Developers will now be able to leapfrog over most of the required learning and model fine-tuning steps, allowing themselves to take full advantage of out-of-the-box best-of-breed language processing solutions with APIs.

The new releases of Jurassic models and Task-Specific APIs demonstrate the development team's commitment to delivering cutting-edge technologies that enable customers to easily create better language processing applications and deploy them into production in minutes.