Data Phoenix Digest - ISSUE 27

Data Science automation is here, EU gets closer to banning facial recognition, serving ML Models in production, localizing objects with self-supervised transformers and no labels, courses, videos, tools, jobs, and more ...

Dmitry Spodarets
Dmitry Spodarets


What's new this week?

Data Science automation is here. The rise of DeepMind. AI healing supply chains. New methods of game testing. EU gets closer to banning facial recognition. AI-driven advances in structural biology.

  • SparkBeyond Discovery is a unique tool that automates the job of a data scientist. It can generate millions of hypotheses per minute from the data and explains its findings in natural language, so a no-code analyst can easily understand it.
  • DeepMind, the U.K.-based AI lab, is finally profitable. According to DeepMind’s report, it has raked in £826 million ($1.13 billion USD) in revenue in 2020, more than three times the £265 million ($361 million USD) it filed in 2019.
  • E2open, a network and cloud-based supply chain management company, has conducted a research to discover that the use of artificial intelligence and real-time data during the pandemic cut supply chain forecast error by 32%.
  • A new paper — Adversarial Reinforcement Learning for Procedural Content Generation — by a group of AI researchers at Electronic Arts shows that deep reinforcement learning agents can help test games and make sure they are balanced and solvable.
  • The European Parliament has called on lawmakers in the EU to ban facial recognition in public spaces and to enforce strict safeguards for police use of AI. MEPs voted in favor of the non-binding resolution by 377-248, with 62 abstentions.
  • Machine Learning can be used to gain insights into molecular events that change the shape of proteins after they are made, regulating their ability to interact with each other. The discovery is reported by the scientists of Sweden's Karolinska Institutet.

Funding News

  • Hailo, a startup developing AI accelerator chips for edge devices, raises $136M in a series C funding round led by Poalim Equity and entrepreneur Gil Agmon.
  • AmplifAI, a data-powered people enablement platform, raises $18.5M in a Series A financing led by Greycroft, to empower employee-centric enterprises.
  • SupportLogic, a proactive support experience (SX) platform, raises $50M in a Series B funding round led by WestBridge Capital Partners and General Catalyst.


NMT Training Through the Lens of SMT
This article is a detailed summary of the EMNLP 2021 paper Language Modeling, Lexical Translation, Reordering: The Training Process of NMT through the Lens of Classical SMT. Enjoy!

Training-Validation-Test Split and Cross-Validation Done Right
This tutorial article provides an overview of methods you can use to employ cross validation and a dataset to select the best models for a project. Lots of interesting points for beginners.

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