Data Phoenix Digest - ISSUE 28

Image data loaders in PyTorch, object detection with YOLO, keypoint communities, ResNet strikes back, Graph Neural Network for lagrangian simulation, DVC alternatives for experiment tracking, jobs, and more ...

Dmitry Spodarets
Dmitry Spodarets


The Human Regression Ensemble
In this article, Justin Domke plays with the idea that humans can do predictions as well as algorithms for simple tasks. Let's check out what's come out of it!

DVC Alternatives For Experiment Tracking
In this article, the Neptune team explore the experiment tracking tool called Data Version Control (DVC), and also compares and reviews its alternatives to find the best solution available.

Understanding Simple Recurrent Neural Networks In Keras
In this tutorial, you'll learn about the structure of RNN, how RNN computes the output when given an input, how to prepare data for a SimpleRNN in Keras, and how to train a SimpleRNN model.

MLOps Model Stores: Definition, Functionality, Tools Review
Is there a way to keep all the collaboration on developing and deploying ML models efficient and streamlined? The team at Neptune seems to have found the right answer!

Image Data Loaders in PyTorch
In any Deep Learning-based system, the data loading pipeline should be structured so that it can be seamlessly integrated with DL models. Learn how it's done with PyTorch.

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