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DBSnapper Launches Version 2.0 with Database Subsetting

DBSnapper allows teams to safely use production data in development and AI modeling. Now with database subsetting for smaller, relationally complete snapshots.

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by Joe Scharf
Introducing DBSnapper 2.0 with Database Subsetting

DBSnapper is the tool your software development team needs to safely incorporate real-world customer data into development, testing, and model generation pipelines. Efficiently manage your application databases with DBSnapper's Subset, Snapshot, Sanitize, and Sharing capabilities and accelerate application development using real, production-grade data in your application development workflows.

We're excited to announce that DBSnapper 2.0 has been launched with the addition of database subsetting. This feature provides the ability to create smaller, relationally complete snapshots of production databases, enabling development and testing teams to work with large datasets more efficiently.

Key Features and Benefits

DBSnapper offers a range of features and benefits to software development teams, including:

  • Faster Development and Testing: By using real, production-grade data, development and testing teams can identify and fix bugs more quickly, leading to a higher quality product.
  • Reduced Overhead: By using subset snapshots of large databases, development and testing teams can reduce the time and storage costs associated with managing large datasets.
  • Improved Standardization and Collaboration: By sharing sanitized snapshots, development and testing teams can ensure that everyone has access to the same data, improving collaboration and reducing the risk of bugs caused by differences in data.
  • Versatile Interoperability: DBSnapper has extensive support for popular databases and cloud storage solutions, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, and vector-database extensions like pgvector, along with AWS S3 and Cloudflare R2. This range of compatibility aligns with your current setup freeing you to focus on innovation and growth.

Design Philosophy

We designed DBSnapper to be simple yet powerful, with a focus on maintaining full control over your data and sensitive information. Our philosophy includes the following elements:

  • Simplicity: The DBSnapper Agent is designed to be lightweight and flexible, with few dependencies and the ability to run on different operating systems and platforms. The DBSnapper Cloud Platform complements the Agent, providing cloud storage, sharing capabilities, and more.
  • On Premises and Private Cloud Compatibility: The DBSnapper agent seamlessly integrates across various environments whether that's in a Virtual Private Cloud, behind the firewall, or on your local development machine, ensuring access and management of of your databases regardless of network setup.
  • Your Data, Your Control: We do not require special access to your database outside of your approved infrastructure, nor do we keep copies of your data. When using DBSnapper Cloud, sensitive information is encrypted at rest and in transit.
dbsnapper-pipeline 1.png
Database management pipelines with DBSnapper

Future Roadmap

We are dedicated to the ongoing enhancement of DBSnapper, with several innovative features on the horizon designed to broaden the tool's capabilities. Our immediate plans include expanding support to more database platforms, achieving deeper integration with essential development tools — such as introducing a VS Code extension — and enhancing our sanitization features to further automate the de-identification of sensitive data.

Get Started with DBSnapper

Try DBSnapper 2.0 today and discover how our enhanced features, including database subsetting, snapshot creation, data sanitization, and seamless sharing, can accelerate your team's application development while ensuring your data remains secure and compliant.

Schedule a Demo: Contact us to schedule a demo and see DBSnapper 2.0 in action and explore how our solution can be tailored to your specific needs.

Get Started Now: Eager to dive in? Sign up now to get started with the DBSnapper Cloud and visit the DBSnapper Releases page to download the latest version of the DBSnapper Agent.

Joe Scharf profile image
by Joe Scharf

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