France Forces Clearview AI to Eliminate the Data

Dmitry Spodarets
Dmitry Spodarets

Clearview AI, a facial recognition company that has accumulated a huge database of almost 10 billion images by collecting selfies off the Internet so it had the opportunity to sell its identity-matching services to law administration, has been commanded with another order to delete people’s data.

Franch CNIL found that Clearview doesn’t have an established base in Europe, and it is accessible for regulatory actions that transverse the whole EU, by any kind of data protection administrators. There is a common opinion that Clearview probably might face further regulations to stop processing data from authorities in the other EU Member States and EEA countries that have transposed the GDPR into national law. Despite the regulation is extraterritorial in capacity, meaning it is relevant and enforceable outside the EU’s borders in instances when EU people’s data has been processed in violation of the rules.