GitHub Copilot X: an AI-powered developer experience

GitHub Copilot is gaining momentum. It now gives chat and voice interfaces, answers questions about documents, and supports requests for revisions. All to leverage OpenAI's GPT-4 for a more personalized developer experience.

Maryna Marchuk
Maryna Marchuk

GitHub has always innovated and provided developers with everything they need to be happier and more productive in the software world. So, in partnership with OpenAI, the development team created GitHub Copilot, the world's first large-scale generative AI development tool based on OpenAI's Codex model, a descendant of GPT-3. With this, it began a new era of software development.

Now the new developers' assignment is to turn GitHub Copilot into an easily accessible AI assistant throughout the development lifecycle. The name of such development is GitHub Copilot X, a vision for the future of AI-enabled software development.

GitHub Copilot X adopts the new OpenAI GPT-4 model, and introduces chat and voice for Copilot, and moves Copilot into pull requests, command line and documentation to answer questions about the right projects.

The new GitHub Copilot will automatically offer suggestions and paragraphs when developers create pull requests, dynamically pulling up information about code changes. It will also be able to automatically alert developers if they don't do enough testing for a request, and then suggest potential tests that can be edited, accepted or rejected depending on the needs of the project.


All that's left to do is wait for the introduction of the GitHub Copilot X, which is on its way in the AI world. Along with it follows a new generation of more productive and full-fledged developers.