Gleamer Raises €27 Million

Soham Sharma
Soham Sharma

Gleamer, a trailblazer in AI-powered medical imaging solutions, has reached a significant milestone by securing an impressive €27 million in Series B funding. This achievement propels Gleamer into a new era of revolutionizing healthcare through cutting-edge technology.

The funding round was led by Supernova Invest, accompanied by co-leader Heal Capital, and received continued support from Gleamer's long-term partners, including XAnge, Elaia, Bpi France, MACSF, UI Investissement, Crista Galli Ventures, and European radiologists. With a total funding of €35.5 million to date, Gleamer is in an ideal position to expand its range of solutions, reinforce its teams in Europe and America, and accelerate its international expansion plans.

Since its establishment in 2017, Gleamer has been at the forefront of AI-powered medical imaging solutions. Its AI technology, certified as a Class IIa medical device under EU MDR and partly FDA-cleared, offers a comprehensive suite of clinical diagnostic solutions. The company's solutions have gained worldwide recognition, with nine publications in prominent medical journals and acclaim from the scientific community.

Currently, Gleamer serves more than 6,500 users in 650 institutions across 24 countries, processing over a million medical examinations each month. This fresh injection of funding empowers Gleamer to actualize its strategic roadmap, deploy disruptive technological solutions on a large scale, and meet the evolving needs of healthcare professionals worldwide.

Christian Allouche, CEO and co-founder of Gleamer, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "This new round of funding will allow us to further advance Gleamer's mission of making AI the new standard of care in radiology. We aim to enhance diagnostic accuracy, improve patient care, and increase the efficiency of clinical practices for health professionals."

Looking to the future, Gleamer plans to expand its portfolio of solutions to include CT scans and mammography, covering 70% of radiologists' routine requirements. The company will accelerate its international expansion, particularly in Europe and the United States, by strengthening its sales teams and forging strategic partnerships. These collaborations will enable Gleamer's innovative solutions to reach a wider audience and benefit countless individuals.

Rémi Spagnol, Investment Director at Supernova Invest, commented, "Gleamer is positioned as a leader in the use of AI in radiology, redefining the boundaries of radiology and medical imaging through disruptive technology solutions that can be deployed on a large scale."

Gleamer's exceptional growth and outstanding performance have earned them the esteemed title of EuroMinnies 2023 Best Vendor in Radiology, bestowed by AuntMinnie Europe.

At Gleamer, we firmly believe that AI is the new standard of care in radiology. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our investors, who share our vision for the future of healthcare. Together, we will continue to push boundaries, drive innovation, and make a positive impact on the lives of patients worldwide.


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