Introducing Opera's Aria AI

Opera unveils Aria, a new browser AI. With Aria, you’re getting access to a leading generative AI service for free. Natively built into the browser, Aria marks the beginning of a new kind of browsing experience.

Soham Sharma
Soham Sharma

Opera users around the world have something to celebrate as the company unveils its latest breakthrough: Aria, the integrated browser AI. Aria promises to revolutionize the browsing experience, offering a seamless integration of generative AI technology right into the Opera browser.

Aria is designed to empower users, enhancing both their creativity and productivity through the power of AI. Built on Opera's own "Composer" infrastructure, Aria leverages OpenAI's GPT technology and incorporates real-time results from the web. This unique combination allows Aria to act as a web and browser expert, assisting users in various tasks such as finding information, generating text or code, and answering product queries.

One notable feature of Aria is its extensive knowledge base. For customer support, Aria taps into Opera's comprehensive database of support documentation, utilizing the company's up-to-date product knowledge to provide accurate and helpful answers. The Composer infrastructure also ensures expandability, enabling Aria to connect to multiple AI models and integrate additional capabilities from Opera partners in the future. The ultimate goal is to provide users with an innovative and unified browsing experience.

Aria represents a significant step forward in Opera's browser AI strategy. Earlier this year, the company introduced ChatGPT and AI Prompts in the desktop browser sidebar, followed by the unveiling of Opera One, a modularly designed browser optimized for generative AI features. Aria takes this integration to the next level, allowing users to directly interact with AI within the browser itself. As the browser evolves, Aria's AI capabilities will become more seamlessly blended, ultimately aiming to enhance cross-browser tasks and provide a holistic user experience.

The accessibility of Aria is another remarkable aspect. It is a free service available in more than 180 countries, including the EU. Unlike standard GPT-based solutions, Aria offers up-to-date information, ensuring users have access to the latest content available on the internet. This advanced offering sets Aria apart and demonstrates Opera's commitment to delivering cutting-edge browsing solutions.

To get started with Aria, Opera users have two options. Desktop users can download the latest version of Opera One (developer version), while Android users can test Aria in the beta version of the browser available on the Google Play Store. Users simply need to create an Opera account, if they haven't already, and upon whitelisting, they will gain access to Aria through the settings of Opera for Android beta or the browser sidebar of Opera One.

With Aria, Opera is redefining the browsing experience, incorporating AI capabilities directly into their browser. This exciting development opens up a world of possibilities, allowing users to navigate the web more efficiently and tap into their creative potential. As Aria continues to evolve, it will undoubtedly bring forth innovative features that will shape the future of browsing as we know it. So, Opera users, get ready to embark on a new and extraordinary browsing adventure with Aria!


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