NVIDIA-Microsoft AI Collaboration

Soham Sharma
Soham Sharma

NVIDIA and Microsoft have joined hands with a shared vision to empower enterprises with the transformative potential of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in their applications. By integrating NVIDIA AI Enterprise software with Microsoft's Azure Machine Learning, the collaboration aims to provide a secure and efficient platform for enterprises worldwide to build, deploy, and manage AI applications.

With the growing interest in generative AI applications, enterprises are in need of accelerated tools and services that can drive innovation securely. By combining NVIDIA AI Enterprise software with Azure Machine Learning, enterprises can speed up their AI initiatives and streamline the path from development to production.

The integration will also provide Azure Machine Learning users access to high-performance NVIDIA accelerated computing resources, enabling faster training and inference of AI models. This ensures that Microsoft Azure Machine Learning continues to provide the highest performance and most secure development platform available to enterprises and developers.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise offers a comprehensive suite of tools, including over 100 frameworks, pretrained models, and development tools such as NVIDIA RAPIDS for accelerating data science workloads. The software also includes NVIDIA Metropolis for vision AI model development and NVIDIA Triton Inference Server for standardizing model deployment and execution.

Developers using Azure Machine Learning can easily scale their applications from small tests to large-scale deployments. The platform also provides robust data encryption, access control, and compliance certifications to meet security and compliance requirements. NVIDIA AI Enterprise complements Azure Machine Learning by offering secure and production-ready AI capabilities, along with access to NVIDIA experts and support.

The NVIDIA AI Enterprise integration with Azure Machine Learning is currently available in a limited technical preview in the NVIDIA community registry. Additionally, NVIDIA AI Enterprise is available on Azure Marketplace, expanding options for secure and supported AI development and deployment for businesses worldwide.

This collaboration between NVIDIA and Microsoft demonstrates the commitment of both companies to advance the adoption of AI in the enterprise space. By combining their expertise and technologies, they aim to empower enterprises with the tools and resources they need to accelerate their AI initiatives and drive innovation.

In conclusion, NVIDIA's collaboration with Microsoft through the integration of NVIDIA AI Enterprise software with Azure Machine Learning provides a secure and efficient platform for enterprises to build, deploy, and manage AI applications. With access to NVIDIA's extensive suite of AI frameworks and tools, enterprises can accelerate their AI initiatives and drive innovation. This collaboration reinforces both companies' commitment to advancing AI adoption in the enterprise sector, empowering businesses worldwide to harness the power of AI for their specific needs.


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