PyTorch strengthens its governance by joining the Linux Foundation

Dmitry Spodarets
Dmitry Spodarets

The 5-year-old PyTorch machine learning framework is moving to the Linux Foundation (LF) as a top-level project called the PyTorch Foundation. The main goal of the Linux Foundation is collaborative, open-source software development. The creation of the PyTorch Foundation will provide transparency and openness to the business decisions of a diverse group of participants for years to come.

As PyTorch has evolved, many companies have made fundamental investments in its development. And it has grown to limits that its founders never even hoped for: 2,400 members who have created nearly 154,000 projects using PyTorch as a foundation. It has become a major platform for AI research as well as for commercial use. Its influence is present in industry and academia, from large companies to numerous university courses at Stanford, NYU, EPFL, Oxford, and other institutions.

And as PyTorch continues to grow as a multi-stakeholder project, it's time to move to a broader open-source framework. The PyTorch technical manual now maintains a hierarchical structure of maintainers and a clear description of the processes involved in day-to-day work and escalation. This doesn't change the previous work, but it adds discipline and openness, which is very important and timely.

And Amazon's new AI language model is still on everyone's radar. Recall that this is a special class of recurrent neural network architecture that can solve complex language tasks such as machine translation, creating chatbots, answering questions, etc.