Simpplr Secures $70M

Soham Sharma
Soham Sharma

Simpplr, the AI-powered employee experience platform, has announced that it has secured $70M Series D funding led by Sapphire Ventures. This new funding will be invested in future growth and innovation of the leading employee experience (EX) platform. Simpplr is used by more than one million people worldwide, delivering increased engagement and measurable productivity gains for companies in NA, EMEA, and APAC.

The continued rapid growth of Simpplr comes as companies recognize the complexity of today’s work-life and the need for a radically different way to connect, engage and support every employee, anywhere. The importance of employee experience powered by AI and its impact on business performance has been realized by companies worldwide. From measuring employee engagement in real-time to enabling effective communication and building community and connection, Simpplr’s customers continue to realize how important EX is to retention, productivity, and talent acquisition.

The employee experience continues to be a major focus for employees and employers alike. A key pillar of a positive employee experience is engagement, and Simpplr makes it easy for employees to feel connected to one another and their employers, creating belonging and ultimately driving performance. Simpplr’s mission to transform the work experience for each and every employee through better engagement, regardless of location, is essential for any company focused on business growth.

The funding announcement also comes with a number of new executive hires, including: Tim Lambert as Chief Revenue Officer, Bala Kasiviswanathan as Chief Product and Customer Experience Officer, Parag Kulkarni as Chief Technology Officer, Aykut Firat as Chief Data Scientist, and Paige Leidig as Chief Marketing Officer. These new executive hires will help the company drive growth and innovation in the employee experience platform.

Simpplr's continued success demonstrates the importance of employee experience in today's complex work environment. The use of AI and real-time insights can help companies drive engagement, increase productivity, and retain top talent. With the new funding and executive hires, Simpplr is poised for further growth and innovation in the employee experience platform market.


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