Slack introduces Slack GPT

Soham Sharma
Soham Sharma

Slack has announced its new feature, Slack GPT, which brings generative AI technology natively into Slack, aimed at unlocking exponential productivity gains in organizations. Slack GPT has been built on the foundation of Slack’s institutional knowledge, and it will enable AI to act on valuable data from a company's internal knowledge, the most trusted resource. The new feature includes an AI-ready platform to integrate and automate with the language model of choice, a set of AI features built directly in Slack, and a new Einstein GPT app that surfaces AI-powered customer insights from trusted Salesforce Customer 360 data and Data Cloud.

The company aims to make the working life of employees simpler, more productive, and more pleasant. Slack GPT is a vision for a new kind of productivity that brings the power of generative AI into the ways users already work in Slack. Slack GPT offers flexibility and can be built with clicks, code, or a bit of both. Its open, extensible platform allows users to decide when and how to bring AI into Slack.

Slack's newly available next-generation platform for developers also allows building custom features, whether with a personal AI model or keeping an integration in-house. Later this year, Slack GPT will allow bringing generative AI into automated processes in Slack without any code. Users will be able to add generative AI prompts as one of the steps in the workflow.

In Slack GPT, generative AI has the potential to redefine how work is done by providing AI-powered conversation summaries and writing assistance. In addition, AI assistance built natively into Slack’s message composer and canvas allows users to tweak their drafts until the words are just right. Slack GPT aims to help users work smarter, learn faster, and communicate better.

Finally, Slack GPT has a new feature that helps uncover AI-powered customer insights, allowing users to gain a deeper understanding of their customers across various touchpoints, such as sales opportunities, service tickets, and marketing campaigns. The feature is aimed at helping customer service agents find a resolution to a case more efficiently by bringing together the right experts in a dedicated Slack channel.

In conclusion, Slack GPT has been built with the mission to empower teams to save time and focus on strategic work that allows their expertise to shine and moves the business forward. Slack GPT brings the power of generative AI to where teams already work, making their working life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.


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