Together Raises $20 Million Seed Funding to Fuel Open-Source AI and Cloud Platform

Soham Sharma
Soham Sharma

Together, a startup focused on open-source AI, has secured $20 million in seed funding led by Lux Capital. The company aims to empower innovation and creativity by providing accessible generative AI models and a cloud platform. The founders recognized the centralization of AI models within a few corporations due to high training costs, driving their mission to create open and decentralized alternatives.

The funding round attracted support from prominent investors, including Factory, SV Angel, First Round Capital, Long Journey Ventures, A Capital, Robot Ventures, and more. Together has assembled a talented team and collaborated with decentralized infrastructure providers, open-source groups, and research labs. Projects like GPT-JT and OpenChatKit have gained significant support from AI developers, but the company is determined to establish open-source models as the preferred choice.

Leveraging their expertise in distributed optimization, Together has built a specialized cloud platform for efficient scaling of large AI models. This platform will be made accessible soon, enabling customization and integration into production tasks. Open models offer transparency, inspectability, and privacy protections, empowering developers and organizations.

Together's achievements mark the beginning of a new AI era. With enthusiasm for the future, CEO Vipul Ved Prakash expresses gratitude for being part of the open-source AI movement. The seed funding positions Together to drive innovation and reshape the AI landscape.

In conclusion, Together's $20 million seed funding supports their mission of democratizing AI access. By creating open-source alternatives, they aim to counter the centralization of AI models. Collaborations, a specialized cloud platform, and open models are vital components of their strategy. As we enter a new era of AI, Together stands ready to shape innovation and creativity in the field.


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