A film about the love story of a cockroach and artificial intelligence from GPT-3

Dmitry Spodarets
Dmitry Spodarets

Artist Miao Ying's film "Excessive Intelligence" is the story of how a cockroach falls in love with the artificial intelligence responsible for monitoring its behavior. The story could be seen as a metaphor for some Chinese people's conflicted relationship with social credit scoring. Or it could be a hint at the insidious ways in which the social media platforms Twitter and Facebook collect data about people.

At times the tale seems a bit ridiculous, but that's because of Miao's hidden collaborator, the GPT-3 AI text generation system that wrote the script for the film. The AI, personified by a man with the appearance of a movie star, has committed a crime in the fantasy land of Walden XII. And the cockroach sets out to mine bitcoin to save the village's energy stone, which he stole.

It's almost a science fiction story, set in the past, but it's about the technology of the future. The author did not alter what the AI wrote. After writing the GPT-3 short story, the artist simply created the visuals.

Source: https://www.wired.com/story/ai-artist-miao-ying-qanda/