AI and shop-and-go

Dmitry Spodarets
Dmitry Spodarets

In a search for a promising buffet offering instead of the usual meal options for University of Denver students, food and facilities management company Sodexo found San Jose-based AiFi, which has a frictionless, cashierless retail solution based on artificial intelligence.

AiFi, a company with only cameras and computer vision technology, now boasts a total of 80 cashierless stores worldwide, working with retailers such as Carrefour, Aldi, Loop and Verizon.

AiFi's development is the use of sophisticated artificial intelligence models with a large number of cameras located under the ceiling, which helps understand everything that's going on in the store. Under the hood of the platform are neural network models that are designed to track people as well as recognize actions and goods.

In the artificial intelligence modeled world, you can quickly adjust the shapes and characteristics of people, the layout of shelves and the appearance of merchandise. It's also possible to create a cluttered, crowded, or neat and orderly store environment.

"What cannot be done in the real world can easily be done in a simulated world. After all, the AI is able to learn the scenario and execute, or even surpass it, in a real world setting."