An Open-Source Tool Kedro Got a New Owner

Dmitry Spodarets
Dmitry Spodarets

Kedro is an original, open-source software tool for data scientists and data engineers. Kedro is a library of code to create data and machine learning pipelines. Furthermore, this tool was donated to the Linux Foundation.

The reason why Kedro qualifies as a de-facto “industry standard” is, because it’s a framework that takes best practices of software engineering and brings them to data science. This puts together all the fundamentals needed for moving any project from just an idea to a whole finished product. This enables developers and engineers to focus entirely on solving business problems at hand.

Kedro’s owner has created a pathway for steady-paced innovation that allows designing, building, and deploying any DS products to the wide open market quickly and efficiently. This means that such products can become really helpful in dealing with day-to-day business problems.