Benefits from Pathogenic Fungi in the Root Mycobiome

Dmitry Spodarets
Dmitry Spodarets

Perplexing microbial communities inhabit plants and inflect their development. Exclusively, roots host an expanded diversity of micro-organisms along with bacteria and fungi that straightforward affect plant health.

It is a publication in Nature Communications, where Fantin Mesny and co-authors contribute novel insights into how these fungi conquer roots, why a lot of them are possibly harmful and what comprehends beneficial from pathogenic fungi in the root mycobiome.

In partnership with INRAE Nancy (France) and the JGI (U.S.), the genomes of these fungi were sequenced and compared to other fungi that were previously described as saprotrophic, pathogenic, endophytic or mycorrhizal.

This study has proved that the mycobiome of healthy plants in nature is composed of both friends and foes.