Box Launches AI

Soham Sharma
Soham Sharma

Box, the enterprise content management company, has announced the launch of a new suite of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities called Box AI. The suite aims to natively integrate advanced AI models into the Content Cloud platform, while maintaining the company's enterprise-grade standards for security, compliance, and privacy. With Box AI, users will be able to access a wealth of knowledge residing within their enterprise content to get precise information quickly. Users will also be able to generate new material from existing information to create content faster, thus increasing productivity.

Box AI is set to make it easier than ever to uncover and share insights, find timely answers to critical questions, and effortlessly create content based on an organization's data in Box. The suite will be governed by Box's built-in permissions, ensuring that customers retain control of their data and that users only see and interact with files and content they're authorized to access.

The possibilities with Box AI are endless. For example, sales teams can surface potential questions and answers a prospect would ask regarding a sales presentation, customer service teams can uncover insights from hundreds of customer feedback surveys to identify key areas for improvement, and recruiters can draft job postings for any position based on internal documents, such as meeting notes.

Box AI is designed to be secure and is guided by the company's AI Principles. The company is committed to ensuring that its AI capabilities are safe and secure, so organizations can benefit from them without any risks. Box AI will also be tested through an upcoming Design Partner Program to iterate and refine the capabilities before making them more widely available.

The launch of Box AI marks a significant milestone for the company and its users. It shows that the company is committed to innovation and has a clear vision for the future. The suite will enable users to unlock the value of their content and make every person in their company smarter and more productive. The content management landscape is set to become more competitive, and Box's move into AI marks a step in the right direction.


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