Colab's ‘Pay As You Go’ Offers More Access to Powerful NVIDIA Compute for Machine Learning

Dmitry Spodarets
Dmitry Spodarets

Pay As You Go is a new paid tier from Google Colab that gives you the option to purchase additional computational time in Colab with or without a paid subscription. This ability to use the powerful NVIDIA GPU in Colab is now available and gives the user even more control over their machine learning environment.

The easiest way to start machine learning is to start using Google Colab. It has everything from Colab notepads on which TensorFlow tutorials and guides are based to Deepmind's AlphaFold example and helps the world learn ML and share the results widely, democratizing machine learning.

Colab Pay As You Go expands the use of Colab by allowing the user to purchase more computing time in Colab, whether or not they have a monthly subscription. Customers can use this feature to significantly increase their use of Colab over what was previously possible.

The new announcement only applies to the addition to paid options. Paid Colab users can now choose between standard and premium GPUs in Colab, giving them the option to upgrade their GPU when they need more power. Colab's free tier is still in its current form, helping you achieve more with machine learning.

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