Eastern European bank creates AI supercomputer in collaboration with the Hungarian government

Dmitry Spodarets
Dmitry Spodarets

Marshall Choy, VP of product at SambaNova, said that the AI supercomputer running such a powerful GPT model is not something any bank has done before. The supercomputer will be used for building one of the largest language models of the Hungarian language. OTP Bank and the government have agreed that the authorities will provide around half of the funding for development under contract with SambaNova Systems while the bank will give access to the system for public and academic research.

After a few years of observation of AI trends, it was evident that the finance sector needs to move forward and start adopting AI-powered systems like this. The GPT used in the supercomputer to create large language models enables organizations to take advantage of the latest deep learning techniques, giving the machine the ability to explore patterns within any language, without being explicitly trained on language data.

OTP Bank plans to put natural language processing applications to drive such use cases as fraud prevention, customer service, cybersecurity, and loan origination.