FIFA Announces New, AI-powered Offside Detection System for the 2022 World Cup

Dmitry Spodarets
Dmitry Spodarets

The world's largest international football governing body has announced that the 2022 World Cup in Qatar plans to use a semi-automated system that consists of a sensor in the ball that transmits its position on the field 500 times per second and 12 tracking cameras that use machine learning to track 29 points on the players' bodies.

“Referees and assistant referees will still be responsible for the decision on the field”. It's just that this method will give referees more data to make good decisions because the software will send officials information about player infractions. According to FIFA officials, this process will take place within seconds and means that decisions about offside infractions will be made more quickly and accurately.

It is also worth noting that data from cameras and the ball will be used to create automated animations - they can be shown on stadium screens and during television broadcasts. This will make it possible to inform viewers as clearly as possible about the decision-making process.

FIFA is proud of this new technology, developed during three years of focused research, and looks forward to seeing the benefits of artificial intelligence for offside control!