Greywing’s new AI for maritime, SeaGPT, untangles crew change hurdles with a simple conversation

With SeaGPT, masters on board ships can manage their entire crew with a simple conversation.

Soham Sharma
Soham Sharma

Greywing, a maritime technology company, has launched SeaGPT, an AI-powered chatbot that helps shipping companies navigate the complexities of port agency communication. The chatbot enables fleet managers to access all the necessary port, immigration, and travel details required for crew changes through a simple query sent via email or Greywing's platform. SeaGPT's natural language capabilities allow for complex edits and bookings, as well as providing specific information related to port restrictions and visa requirements. It can also handle conversations in any language, making it easier for crew managers to communicate with seafarers in different nationalities.

According to Nick Clarke, CEO of Greywing, "SeaGPT is the answer to the number one challenge crew managers have been asking us to solve - email overwhelm. With today's AI advancements, we've finally found a solution to solve our customers' biggest problem."

Crew changes are often planned through spreadsheets, and flight bookings are done through email or phone. For instance, a manager of a vessel chartered to a third-party may only find out its next destination by emailing the ship's captain. With the introduction of SeaGPT, emails related to port agency communication can be instantly automated, saving hours of time and reducing the risk of errors or miscommunications.

SeaGPT is coded to accurately interpret maritime and port-specific data, sourced directly from Greywing's proprietary dataset, which includes official insights and databases from over 18,300 ports. Unlike AI-powered chatbots for generic mainstream use, SeaGPT does not allow hallucinations. If the requested details are not available, SeaGPT will flag that there is missing data instead of assuming or impersonating information.

SeaGPT is already being used in the field for Greywing's clients and is fit to scale beyond crewing capabilities into commercial applications. The chatbot is text-based and can be used through existing communication channels that require low data requirements, such as SMS or WhatsApp, making it easy to adopt and introduce to existing workflows.

In an interview, Hrishi Olickel, CTO at Greywing, stated that "What makes SeaGPT such a breakthrough for crews everywhere is that it is purely text-based. We've made it easy to inspect and understand situations - there's no black box system here."

Greywing has made SeaGPT available to its customers, giving away access to the first 100 crew managers to sign up.

This AI-powered chatbot is a significant step towards automating the shipping industry, which has been largely analog until now. The shipping industry is becoming increasingly reliant on technology, and SeaGPT's capabilities can save companies a significant amount of time and resources.


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