How ML and AI Work in the Travel Industry?

Dmitry Spodarets
Dmitry Spodarets

Since AI has started growing in various industries, large companies have been successfully implementing AI to improve customer experience in travel industry as well.

Hotel chain “Hyatt” has recently unveiled their new Intelligent Virtual Assistant. As reported, it allowed the company to save $4.4 million on customer care without sacrificing the quality of service its customers expected.

It is also possible to use AI and ML to build recommender systems, which are capable of finding the most relevant content to be shown to web visitors. Most importantly, it is now evident that AI and ML represent the reality of running a travel business in 2021, meaning that business owners should be taking advantage of every opportunity to adopt AI/ML-powered solutions.

If we think international tourism, the data for Q3 of 2021 shows clearly that AI and ML have the potential to slow down negative effects of the pandemic by catering to every customer. For example, Mexico managed to regain its 2019 income on tourism while Germany and Turkey had just minor drops.