investing in robust artificial intelligence

A startup called has $30 million in funding from its creators. It will be a new community building a robust, independent, open-source AI ecosystem.

Maryna Marchuk
Maryna Marchuk

Asking questions about what can go wrong in the world of artificial intelligence, and how it is possible to deal with it, Mozilla has developed the concept of robust AI, mobilizing the community to document what is broken, and investing in startups that are trying to create more responsible artificial intelligence.

The concept behind is to make it easier to develop robust AI products. How? By creating things and hiring/collaborating with people who share the same vision: AI that is based on autonomy, accountability, transparency and openness.

In this way, will become not just a browser, but a space outside of big tech and academia where like-minded founders, developers, scientists, product managers, and builders will come together. The main goal is to turn the tide and create an independent, decentralized and robust AI ecosystem - a real counterweight to the status quo.

The initial focus of will be tools that make generative AI more secure and transparent, as well as human-centric recommendation systems. The new company will be led by managing director Moez Dreyf, who has worked on practical applications of advanced AI for more than a decade as an academic at Imperial College and LSE, and as a chief scientist in industry.