Workshop "Beyond ChatGPT: Build Your First LLM Application"

Join the workshop of our good friends (Greg Loughnane and Chris Alexiuk from AI Makerspace) to learn how to build your first LLM application using the OpenAI API, Chainlit, and Hugging Face Spaces.

Greg Loughnane

Join us for the Beyond ChatGPT: Build Your First LLM Application workshop!

In this event, we outline the primary components that are additional to classic MLOps.  We’ll show the “chat-style” syntax required to work with OpenAI’s API as a developer, and then we’ll leverage it to deploy GPT-4 to an endpoint.

In order to give our application the streamlined “chat-style” feel, we’ll use Chainlit to build a front end and iterate on and optimize our prompt engineering.

Finally, we’ll show you how to make the application publicly available using a Hugging Face Space.

​With these three simple tools (OpenAI API, Chainlit, and Hugging Face Spaces), you’ll be building, prompt engineering, and sharing your very first LLM application in no time!

​​Who should attend the event?

  • ​Data scientists and ML engineers who want to build their first ever LLM application.
  • ​Learners who want to build chatbot-style user interfaces for their LLMs applications.
  • ​Learners who want an introduction to LLM Ops with a simple manual deployment.


  • Dr. Greg Loughnane is the Founder & CEO of AI Makerspace, where he serves as lead instructor for their LLM Ops: LLMs in Production course. Since 2021 he has built and led industry-leading Machine Learning & AI bootcamp programs.  Previously, he has worked as an AI product manager, a university professor teaching AI, an AI consultant and startup advisor, and ML researcher.  He loves trail running and is based in Dayton, Ohio.
  • Chris Alexiuk, is the Head of LLMs at AI Makerspace, where he serves as a programming instructor, curriculum developer, and thought leader for their flagship LLM Ops: LLMs in Production course.  During the day, he’s a Founding Machine Learning Engineer at Ox.  He is also a solo YouTube creator, Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast, and is based in Toronto, Canada.