Workshop "LangChain: How to Build ChatGPT for Your Data"

Using LLMs is cool. Building end-to-end apps with LLMs is even cooler. Join Greg Loughnane and ​Chris Alexiuk on Wednesday, 5 July, to learn how to use LangChain to make some LLMOps magic happen.

Dmitry Spodarets
Dmitry Spodarets

Following emerging Large Language Model Operations (LLM Ops) best practices in the industry, you’ll learn all about the key technologies that enable Generative AI practitioners like you to leverage LangChain for building complex LLM applications.

​You’ll learn all about chains, the primary innovation, and how to use them to connect your prompts to LLMs and vector databases. We will also demonstrate how to build natural language Question Answering (QA) LLM chatbots on top of single PDF documents and collections of multiple PDF documents.

​To enhance your learning experience, we will include all interactive demo code, conveniently accessible through GitHub links.

Who should attend the event?

  • ​Learners who want to understand how to use LangChain to build complex LLM applications.
  • ​Learners who want to build “ChatGPT for their own data”
  • ​Learners who are interested in learning more about what “LLM Ops” actually means!


  • Dr. Greg Loughnane, the Founder of the Machine Learning Makerspace. Previously, he has worked as a product manager, university professor, AI consultant, and ML researcher.  Since 2021 he has built and led industry-leading Machine Learning & AI boot camp programs, and is currently focused on staying out ahead of Generative AI and helping other humans do the same.
  • Chris Alexiuk, is an Instructor at FourthBrain, where he plays key roles in curriculum development, delivering live in-classroom demonstrations, one-on-one student support, and career coaching.  During the day, he’s a Founding Machine Learning Engineer at Ox. He is also a YouTube creator who builds weekly with the latest and greatest Generative AI and LLM tools.