Webinar "Deploying deep learning models with Kubernetes and Kubeflow"

Dmitry Spodarets
Dmitry Spodarets

The Data Phoenix Events team invites you all on September 8 to our "The A-Z of Data" webinar. The topic — deploying deep learning models with Kubernetes and Kubeflow.

In this talk, we'll learn about deploying Keras models. First, we'll see how to do it with TF-Serving and Kubernetes, and in the second part of the talk, we'll do it with KFServing and Kubeflow.

Alexey Grigorev - Principal Data Scientist at OLX Group, Founder at DataTalks.Club. Alexey wrote a few books about machine learning. One of them is Machine Learning Bookcamp — a book for software engineers who want to get into machine learning.

Participation is free, but pre-registration is required.

"The A-Z of Data" — A series of webinars from Data Phoenix Events designed to help data scientists, data engineers, machine learning engineers and all interested in data to expand the horizons of their data expertise. The webinars will be divided into subject blocks and every block will consist of an overview webinar, several technical events about best tools / practices / approaches / model architectures, as well as a webinar with practical use cases and a discussion panel with experts. In 2021, we plan to cover: MLOps, NLP, CV, and Time-Series Forecasting.

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